Awit Awards is an expression of the Filipino’s undying passion for music – music etched in every Filipino’s heart.  Awit Awards is a prestigious award-giving body, spearheaded by PARI, that gives recognition to Filipino performing artists and people behind the making of Filipino recorded music.


•    To recognize exceptional works of music and the people working behind it;
•    To promote the Philippine music industry, artistry, and legacy;
•    To champion music making and production, at par with global trends and   excellence;
•    To showcase talents in an event dedicated to music; and
•    To reinforce the fight against piracy.



Entry  materials  must  be  released  and  distributed  in  the  market  only through a PARI member recording company.  However,  a  non-PARI  recording  companymay  submit  their  entries  or  nominations  directly  to  the PARI office  if  they have business  arrangement  with a  PARI  member  company   such   as   licensing, distribution and marketing. As such, the maximum five (5) entries per  respective categories per record company still prevail.


             All entries  must  have been released in the Philippine market from 01 January 2015 to  31 December 2015.                     Deadline for submission of entries is  on March 21, 2016.

•    TALENTS – talents  would  mean  any  composer, arranger, interpreter, executive and line producer  whose  scope  of             work in its entirety and businesses will fall under the interest of the music industry within the Philippine                         territorial market.


            1.   FILIPINO – any resident or  non-resident  Filipinos are qualified. Philippine passport, or any 2 local pictured                                     ID as proof.

            2.   FOREIGNER – any  resident or  non-resident non-Filipino  who  can  show documents   as     an   attestation                                      of   their  Filipino  heritage   are qualified.  Filipino  heritage  is  a must.  Passport and other                                             documents showing proof of Filipino decent are required.


            Finalists can still be disqualified before, during and even after the judging at anytime if proven  guilty  of                          breach  of  Rules and Regulations. A complaint  maybe filed by any   person   to   the   Awards  Committee                        with   sufficient  verifiable    proof. An investigation  shall  be  conducted  by  the Committee  and  submit  its                  findings and recommendations  to   the  PARI Board  who  will render  the  final decision  on the matter.


             1.  NO. OF ENTRIES  -      AWIT shall accept  maximum of five (5) entries  for any of  the  respective categories                                                      per record  company. An artist shall be allowed only one (1) entry per category unless                                                     the artist has 2 or more albums released during the inclusive dates, with that, only one                                                     (1) entry  per  album  per  category  will  be accepted.  However, please nominate  only                                                      those  that are truly deserving.
            2.  DOUBLE ENTRIES  - Entries  from  compilation album  will not  be accepted if the same entry  is  already                                                             included  in  an  artist’s album release.

            3.  NOMINATION/S PRE-REQUISITE   -   Nominations   shall   be  accepted  only from  PARI member  recording                                                      companies and non-PARI member companies  with business arrangements with PARI                                                     member company.
            4.  REMIX RECORDING – Remix recordings are not accepted in any category. Remix Recording is an alternative                                                         version of the Original Song usually with altered tempo, pitch, equalization, or with                                                         added audio elements like disco beats and sound effects.

            5.  HIDDEN TRACKS -     Please indicate in the Entry Form  if the  nominated song  is a hidden track in the CD.

            6.  LICENSES –      if an  entry  is  an  Adaptation  or  a   Cover  Version,  all necessary Licenses  should  be                                                              obtained  first  from  the  Publisher of the said       musical work.

            7.  REPACKAGED ALBUMS - Only the NEW SONGS from a Repackaged album could be nominated as entry.


Entry forms  are available at the PARI Office or you can download the forms at  Entry forms must be completely filled up  and  duly signed by the head of the PARI member company  and the non-PARI member company.


            1.    Each  nomination   must  be   accompanied  by nomination  fee  and minimum of two (2) CDs original                             album.

            2.    Nomination fees are set at P600.00 for the first 3 (three) nominations per category. P1,000 each for the                             succeeding nominations per category.  Maximum nominations per category is 5 (five) for each Record                             Company.

            3.    Non-payment   of   nomination   fees   will   mean   a   breach  on  the  rules  and and   regulations   of   the                       award   giving   body,   and   may   be   subjected   to disqualification.


            1.  The   number  of   Screening Committees  and  Board of Judges  shall depend on the  volume  of nominations                     in each category.  Each Committee and Board shall have no less than five (5) members and no more than                         nine (9) members.

            2.   Members  of   the   Screening    and   Judging  Committees   will   be   randomly selected depending on the                         award’s categories.

            3.   The  Screening Committees  shall   choose  the  top 5  or  less  finalists  as  they    may   deem  qualified   in                      each  category   based   on   the   respective   criteria.  There  may  be  more   than  five (5)  finalists only if                     there is a tie in the fifth (5) place.

            4.   The    Screening    Committees   and   Board    of    Judges   will  not  re-classify any  nomination   they                              deem  wrongly   nominated, but  will  simply   disqualify the entry. Hence  make  sure the  entries  are                             entered in the proper category.  For an entry that is  deemed violative of the  AWIT Rules and Regulations,                     they will rate  the entry  on  condition  that  if  the  violation  is  proven  correct  after  due investigation,                         this  entry  will  be  disqualified  and  the  next  in  line will take it its place.

             5.   The  official  canvassers,  shall   receive,  tabulate  and  supervise  the  results of the screening and judging                     and will take custody of the sealed envelopes until the Awards Night.
             6.   The  decision of the  Board of Judges shall be binding and final, except for valid disqualification as stated                         above.        

                                NOTE:  * List of nominated entries will be sent to members of the Awit Awards Organizing                                                                 Committee for review in preparation for a pre-screening session wherein entries which are                                                 out of category will be re-categorized.

                                            ** In the event that an entry must be re-categorized, the Awit Awards Pre-screening                                                             Committee will inform the nominating recording label of the recommendation and ask for                                                 an approval.  If the nominating record label agrees, the entry will be transferred to the                                                     appropriate category.  If not, the entry will be disqualified.

            1.    The   Official   Auditors   shall    record   and  package  all  the  proceedings of the screening and judges                             committee outputs.

            2.    Documentation reports/packages  will be ready for public scrutiny at the PARI office at least two (2) months                     after the awards night.

            3.    PARI reserves the right to withhold publication of these documentation reports.


1.    PERFORMANCE AWARDS  - Presented to artists who have exemplified exceptional interpretation of song                                                                     pieces from  various musical genres.


                    1.    Entry can be foreign and/or revival composition that are completely re-arranged and re-recorded or a                                 New Original Composition.

                    2.    Entry can be recorded and mixed abroad but must be released in the Philippines.

                    3.    Entry could be a Digital single.

                                NOTE: Any artist coming from a band or a group cannot qualify for a new male or new female                                                         category. Conversely, a   band   with a  former  solo recording   artist  as  a  member  and/or                                              vocalist  may  qualify   as  a NEW  GROUP  as long  as the  name  of the  band  does not                                                     identify with the former solo artist and provided  that the new group does not have a prior                                             commercially released full album or single in any format.

                                CRITERIA FOR SCREENING AND JUDGING:
                                            VOCAL QUALITY        -           30%
                                            MUSICALITY        -                30%
                                            INTERPRETATION        -        40%

        1.1.    BEST PERFORMANCE BY A FEMALE RECORDING ARTIST – Presented to a current or a new Female Solo Singer.

        1.2.    BEST PERFORMANCE BY A MALE RECORDING ARTIST – Presented to a current or a new Male Solo Singer.

        1.3.    BEST COLLABORATION – Presented to two or more artists who collaborated on a recording.

        1.4.    BEST PERFORMANCE BY A GROUP RECORDING ARTISTS – Presented to a current or a new Group.

        1.5.    BEST PERFORMANCE BY A NEW FEMALE RECORDING ARTIST – Presented to a New Female Recording Artist                                     who has had no previous commercially released full album and single in any format under her name                                 or an alias before the inclusive dates of the award.

        1.6.    BEST PERFORMANCE BY A NEW MALE RECORDING ARTIST – Presented to a New Male Recording Artist who                                     has had no previous commercially released full album and single in any format under his name or an                                 alias before the inclusive dates of the award.

        1.7.    BEST PERFORMANCE BY A NEW GROUP RECORDING ARTISTS -  Presented to a New Group who has had no                                     previous released full album and single in any format under the performer’s name or an alias before                                 the inclusive dates of the award.

        1.8.    BEST PERFORMANCE BY A CHILD/CHILDREN – Presented to a Child/Children not more than Twelve (12)                                         years old.


                                CRITERIA FOR SCREENING AND JUDGING
                                (for Best Instrumental Performance category):
                                            PERFORMANCE    -            30%
                                            MUSICALITY    -                30%
                                            INTERPRETATION    -        40%

2. CREATIVITY AWARDS  - presented to music visionaries, fore-runners, and song architects who contributed to                                                             the overall excellence in the music industry and market.   

         2.1.    ALBUM OF THE YEAR    – Presented to a Filipino/Filipino heritage   Producers  (Executive and Line)                                                     and  Artist of the album for overall excellence and input in  the  industry  and   the market.


                                        1.    The album in any format must contain at least eight (8) unique full tracks. Other versions                                                 of  the  same song  are considered  the same track.

                                        2.    Must   have   at     least  50%  Original  Filipino  compositions,  new material     and/or                                                      revival recordings  which  are  completely  re-arranged and re-recorded.

                                        3.    All     cuts  of   the  album   must  be  recorded  and  mixed  in  the Philippines.

                                        4.    The  album  must   have  sales of  at  least 5,000 copies during  the period of nomination.                                                  For Albums released towards the end of the year, the album will be given 3 months after                                                  the release date to sell at least 5,000 copies.

                                                Supporting   documents  must   include  copies  of  invoices   and certification    from                                                      duplicating/replicating  plants  and  must  be presented with the nomination form.

                                        5.    Entries can be in physical or digital format.

                                                                NOTE:       VARIOUS   ARTISTS    COMPILATION ALBUMS,
                                                                                   INCLUDING SOUNDTRACK VARIOUS ARTISTS
                                                                                   ALBUMS AND REPACKAGED ALBUMS, ARE
                                                                                   NOT INCLUDED IN THIS CATEGORY.

                                                    CRITERIA FOR SCREENING AND JUDGING:

                                                                ARTISTIC EXCELLENCE –
                                                                  song and artist’s rendition & performance            -        40%

                                                               TECHNICAL EXCELLENCE–
                                                                   studio work such as mixing, editing, etc.               -      40%
                                                               OVER-ALL IMPACT                            -                                20%

            2.2.    SONG OF THE YEAR  - Presented to a Filipino/Filipino heritage songwriter/s.


                                1.   Entry must be a new original composition, released and promoted on radio and television in the                                         Philippines.
                                2.    Entry can be recorded in an out-of-the country facility.

                                3.    Lyrics sheet with only title of the song must be provided.

                               4.    Entry could be a Digital single.

                                                         CRITERIA FOR SCREENING AND JUDGING:
                                                              MELODY            -               40%
                                                              LYRICS            -                40%
                                                              OVER-ALL IMPACT    -        20%

        2.3    BEST SELLING ALBUM OF THE YEAR  –  Presented  to  a  Filipino/Filipino heritage Producer/s (Executive                                               and   Line), Composer/s and Artist/s.


                                1.    Entry can be  foreign and/or revival  composition  that are completely re-arranged  and                                                     re-recorded or a new original composition.

                                2.    Total Physical and Digital sales will come from the recording company but will be subjected  to                                           audit.  Reference  materials such as sales report and certification  to   come   from  major                                                  retail  outlets:  Odyssey, &  Astrovision, and other aggregators.

                            CRITERIA FOR SCREENING AND JUDGING:

                                    SALES      -       100%

SINGLE AWARDS     –  Presented    to    Executive   or   Line Producer, Composer/s and Recording Artist/s


        1.   Entry    must   be    an   original   Pilipino  composition   and/or  revival                      
                          recordings that are completely re-arranged and recorded, composed and
                          performed  by  a  Filipino/Filipino  heritage  and  recorded,  mixed  and
                          released in the Philippines.  Not applicable on Best Regional

        2.  Entry could be a Digital single.

                         CRITERIA FOR SCREENING AND JUDGING:

                                    ARTISTIC EXCELLENCE         -     40%       
                                    song and artist’s rendition & performance   

                                    TECHNICAL EXCELLENCE       -    40%     
                                    studio work such as mixing, editing, etc.

                                    OVER-ALL IMPACT            -         20%

        2.4.      BEST BALLAD RECORDING  (any popular song can qualify).
                        Ballad – a slow sentimental or romantic song.

        2.5.      BEST POP RECORDING


        2.7.      BEST WORLD  MUSIC RECORDING – includes Bossa, Reggae, Latin, etc.

        2.8.      BEST NOVELTY RECORDING

        2.9.      BEST FOLK RECORDING

        2.10.      BEST DANCE RECORDING

        2.11.      BEST INSPIRATIONAL RECORDING – (Provide lyrics)



        2.14.    BEST JAZZ RECORDING
        2.15.   BEST R & B RECORDING
        2.16.  BEST REGIONAL RECORDING     –  New  original  or  revival composition in regional dialect.  (Please  provide                                                                          translation  of lyrics either in Pilipino or English, no names  and record                                                                             company, just title and lyrics). 



                         1.    Entry must be a new original Filipino composition, written  specifically  for the movie, tv or stage                                     play, composed and performed  by  a  Filipino/Filipino heritage  and  recorded,
                                mixed and released in the Philippines.

                         2.    The entry must be the theme song, not  just  one cut in the soundtrack.

                                        NOTE:   AN AUDIO-VISUAL RECORDING SHOULD BE
                                                   PROVIDED.  FORMAT SHOULD BE IN AVI.
                            CRITERIA FOR SCREENING AND JUDGING:

                                    ARTISTIC EXCELLENCE                     -     40%
                                          song and artist’s rendition & performance       

                                      TECHNICAL EXCELLENCE                     -     40%
                                             studio work such as mixing, editing, etc.           

                                       OVER-ALL IMPACT                         -     20%



                3.1.    MOST DOWNLOADED SONG 

                            A.    Total sales will come from consolidated reports from Rising Tide, Yondu, Inc.,                                                           , OPM2Go, iTunes, Glyph Studios and other aggregators. 

                            B.    Entry should have the same COVERED PERIOD as the industry
                                     Awards.  For this year, from January 1, 2015 to December 31, 2015.

                            C.     Entry should be Original Pilipino Music.

                            D.    Awards will be given to both Artist and Composer.             

4.  TECHNICAL ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS  -  presented to individuals  who enhances and crafts musical pieces to                                                                                     perfection.


                            1.   Entry can be  foreign and/or  revival  composition   that    completely re-arranged and re-recorded.                                          New composition can also qualify.

                            2.   Entry  must  be  recorded  and mixed in the Philippines.  Recipient of the awards must be a                                                     Filipino/Filipino heritage.

                            3.    Entry could be a Digital single.

        4.1. BEST MUSICAL ARRANGEMENT - Presented  to the  Arranger for an instrumental  arrangement  that  is  most                                                                      outstanding terms of musicality and creativity.

                                            CRITERIA FOR SCREENING AND JUDGING:

                                                    MUSICALITY            -        50%
                                                    CREATIVITY                -     50%

        4.2.  BEST VOCAL ARRANGEMENT – Vocal  arrangement using two  or   more   voices   of  main  artist  or  back-up                                                                      vocal arrangers/vocalist.

                                            CRITERIA FOR SCREENING AND JUDGING:

                                                CREATIVITY              -          40%
                                                VOCAL HARMONY        -        40%
                                                INTERPRETATION            -    20%

        4.3. BEST ENGINEERED RECORDING  –   Presented  to  the   Sound Engineer/s     for   the  best  engineering  input                                                                          into  a recording.

                                             CRITERIA FOR SCREENING AND JUDGING:

                                                  TECHNICAL EXCELLENCE    -        40%
                                                  ARTISTRY or CREATIVITY    -        40%
                                                  OVER-ALL IMPACT        -                20%

ALBUM  PACKAGING  EXCELLENCE  AWARD -   presented  to  an  individual or a group, whose  artistry,                                                                                                     creativity  and insight has translated a  concept into a                                                                                                         fine and  outstanding album design, that embodies the                                                                                                     essence of  the product.

            5.1.     BEST ALBUM PACKAGE - Presented  to  a  Filipino/Filipino heritage  Creative   Artist/s principally                                                                             involved in  an outstanding  album  packaging  concept/design.  Entry   must                                                                   be developed   and   produced  in   the Philippines.

                                           CRITERIA FOR SCREENING AND JUDGING:

                                                   CREATIVITY                -        70%
                                                   INNOVATION            -          30%

6. MUSIC VIDEO -  Presented to individuals and/or music organizations, who  has transformed a musical piece into                                         an audio-visual experience, reinforcing it’s power to reach and touch people.

                   6.1.   MUSIC VIDEO OF THE YEAR  -  Presented to the record company,
                                            Filipino/Filipino heritage line producer, director and artist.


                                                1.   Entry can be foreign and/or revival composition that are completely re-
                                                          arranged and re-recorded or a New Original Composition.

                                                            NOTE:   AN AUDIO-VISUAL RECORDING SHOULD BE
                                                                       PROVIDED.  FORMAT SHOULD BE IN AVI.

                                                            CRITERIA FOR SCREENING AND JUDGING:

                                                                CREATIVITY                -            40%
                                                                PRODUCTION VALUE        -        30%
                                                                APPEAL                -                    15%                            
                                                                TECHNICAL EXCELLENCE    -        15%


                  7.1.   People's Choice Favorite Female Recording Artist
                  7.2.   People's Choice Favorite Male Recording Artist
                  7.3.   People’s Choice Favorite Group Recording Artists